The Dream Came True!

Nearly a year has passed since I updated my blog, so here’s a quick summary to bring things up to date …

November 2014 – I signed the contract with Campbelltown United Methodist Church to use space there for my Preschool – HURRAY! … we have a location

December 2014 – we started refurbishing the rooms we would be using. New windows and ceiling tiles were installed, there was lots of cleaning and painting going on

January 2015 – we moved in carpets, bookshelves and TOYS! Sneak-a-Peek Days were held at the end of January. All the paperwork (over 150 pages) was submitted for our application for our Private Academic School License

February 2015 – our first 8-week Play & Learn session was held with our Animal Boogie theme! It was a huge hit!

March 2015 – we had our inspection by the Department of Education

April 2015 – we appeared before the Department of Education and were approved with no conditions for our Private Academic School License – WooHoo!!!

May 2015 – a 6-week Play & Learn session with a Creepy, Crawly Calypso theme was underway

June 2015 – we held our first Camp PRESCHOOL!

July 2015 – we started a 5-week Hole in the Bottom of the Sea themed Play & Learn class and a second Camp PRESCHOOL.

August 2015 – we held our third Camp PRESCHOOL

September 2015 – Preschool officially began with a 3-day class (17 students) and a 2-day class (13 students) 30 children total – the exact number I had prayed for, for this first year! Play & Learn classes started with our new theme “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

October 2015 – we had our first Picture Day, Costume Parade, and Pumpkin Patch Playdate at Risser-Marvel Farm Market

which brings us to November 2015 … when we’ll celebrate our First Thanksgiving Feast and give abundant thanks to God for everything we’ve been able to accomplish this year and for everyone who helped to make it happen!

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