I’m baaaaack!!!

After closing my children’s center in Pennsylvania and relocating to Greenville SC in May 2021, I’m ready to start things up again! What kind of things you ask??? and why???
Thanks for asking!

To begin with, as a lifelong early childhood educator I have given my life to promoting the value and worth of children and parenting and that passion hasn’t gone away in over 40 years! I got started when my children were born and was so intrigued by how children learn, grow and develop that it set me on a path I haven’t been able to turn away from.

Adding to that, my husband is a minister and as we moved all over Canada and the United States, starting new churches and revitalizing others, I discovered that children and parents had many of the same needs wherever I went … from Niagara Falls Canada, to Portland Oregon, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Calgary Alberta, Chester County PA, Orlando FL, the Hershey area of PA and now Greenville SC!

Parents are eager to see their children grow and thrive, and the parents themselves are interested in making connections with other parents. Between those two things is where the magic happens … parent/child bonds are strengthened, relationships among caregivers grow, and a camaraderie develops that makes life extra special.

I have found that by offering simple Mommy & Me classes and gatherings, all of the above can take place. So I’ve brought my 40+ years of experience to the Greenville area and hope to meet you and your “little one” here.

My husband and I have recently taken on the challenge of revitalizing a church “from the ground up” … literally! We will be holding our Mommy & Me gatherings there, at Life Spring Community Church of the Nazarene, 437 Holland Road, Simpsonville, SC. Our first gathering is Weds Sept 7 at 10:00am with a special guest storyteller from the Greenville County Public Library. There will be music, movement, books and an opportunity to connect with other caregivers and have your child’s life enriched.

If you’d like to learn more, or even help in the revitalization process please email me at

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