Life After Kindermusik!

Yes, life does go on. But after spending 15 years, eating, sleeping and dreaming all things Kindermusik as a weekday ministry to children, it’s been quite a transition. Not that I’ve really stopped making music, since Miss Andrea and I continue to invest in children and families through the Mother Goose Music Time Program we are creating.

We offer studio classes in our Linglestown location where caregivers and children come  together once a week, for the ever enjoyable singing, dancing, reading and rocking activities. We now use Barefoot Books as the basis of our program and lots of public domain songs and of course Nursery Rhymes. We explore all the musical concepts the little ones love, fast and slow, high and low, loud and soft … so that part of life continues.

Miss Andrea also takes this musical instruction into several daycares and brightens the hearts and minds of children there.

What has changed is my day to day involvement with mommies and children and that part I miss. So much so, that I’ve figured out a way to carry on my mission, from my cozy, family friendly home!

Over this past year I’ve heard mommies comment time and time again on the need for some type of drop off childcare program so they could go to a Doctor appointment, get their hair done, buy groceries, clean their house or just take a nap. And so the idea for … “Little Ones Day Out” was born. (Although I did consider calling it “Rent-a-Nana”, close enough!)

I’m excited to give it a try. I have been busy catching up on projects at home to prepare and I think I’m ready to say … Welcome Little Ones!

Monday March 17, will be the lucky day! I’m having a few moms over to start (by invitation) that have been encouraging and supporting me behind the scenes and I’d like to get a little more input from them. I’m still in the gathering ideas, taking suggestions and formulating exactly how all this could work, stage. If you are interested in being updated on my progress, send me an email or facebook message and we’ll keep in touch.

According to day care regulations I can care for 6 children maximum without having full day care licensing. I actually did a program similar to this in my home in Chester County before moving to Palmyra and it worked very well, so I’m anticipating the same thing will happen here. I am planning to start by offering this service just one day a week.

So that’s the latest with me. Now back to the list of projects that still need to be done before March 17 or actually March 10 when our son, his wife and our three grandchildren come to visit. Another fun day to say … Welcome Little Ones!

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  1. Like everything else you set your heart to, I just know this will be amazing! We can’t wait!

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